20 New Year gifts for any wallet

20 New Year gifts for any wallet

1. USB flash drive

Choose some original and funny ones. Everyone will buy an ordinary flash drive of a modest black color for himself. But a superhero flash drive is fun to receive as a gift.

What to buy

  • Flash drive in the form of an Iron Man glove from AliExpress, from 579 rubles →
  • Flash drive in the form of a skeleton from AliExpress, from 215 rubles →
  • Flash drive in the form of a droid R2D2 with AliExpress, from 276 rubles →
  • Flash drive with a Kryptex code lock from AliExpress, from 2 611 rubles →

2. Gloves or mittens

A cozy and useful gift. Surely the recipient will wear them at least once. And if you choose a model in which you can use a smartphone, you will surely hear words of sincere gratitude.

What to buy

  • Knitted gloves for touch screens from AliExpress, from 124 rubles →
  • Textile mittens with fleece lining from Ziener, 1 999 rubles →
  • Gloves with rhinestones from Fabretti, 1,030 rubles →
  • Gloves made of genuine leather with wool inserts from Fabretti, 1 649 rubles →
  • Woolen mittens with braids from Ferz, 1 299 rubles →

3. Socks

Another useful gift without a doubt. Naturally, you need to give something very cute and New Year's.

What to buy

  • Socks with deer faces from AliExpress, from 90 rubles →
  • Socks with snowmen from Calzedonia, 600 rubles →
  • Three pairs of socks with New Year's drawings from Jack & Jones, 1 199 rubles →
  • Children's New Year's socks with toes from AliExpress, 139 rubles →

4. Antistress toys

Hand over with a wish for strong nerves in the coming year.

What to buy

  • Large selection of anti-stress toys Pop It from AliExpress, from 177 rubles →
  • Antistress toy Pop Tubes from 10 tubes from VLA, 999 rubles →
  • Antistress toy Penguin with a scarf, 630 rubles →

5. Figures with grass instead of hair

Nice decoration for office table or home windowsill. In addition, caring for the plant brings a good mood.

What to buy

  • Man with grass hair, 209 rubles →
  • Little grass in the form of a girl-emoticon from Ecolybchik, 146 rubles →
  • Herb Tiger from the Auriki Gardens, 506 rubles →
  • Squirrel grass from the Auriki Gardens, 290 rubles →

6. Figures

You can traditionally donate characters from Star Wars (yes, we're sure everyone loves these films). Or please the recipient with the Plants vs. Zombies.

What to buy

  • Plants vs. Plants from AliExpress, from 653 rubles →
  • Scorpion figurine from Mortal Kombat by Quantum Mechanix, 1 944 rubles →
  • Harry Potter figurine from Funko, 1 399 rubles →
  • Figurine The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Geralt Manticore, 4,999 rubles →
  • Stand for gadgets in the form of Boba Fett Star Wars Exquisite Gaming Cable Guy, 1,599 rubles →

7. Cases for smartphones

Of course, in the New Year's theme. The main thing is to remember which of your friends has which smartphone, and not to be mistaken with the size of the case.

What to buy

  • New Year's covers for models from iPhone 5 to iPhone 13 Pro Max with AliExpress, 138 rubles →
  • New Year's cases with bears and deer for models from iPhone 5 to iPhone 13 Pro Max with AliExpress, from 198 rubles →
  • New Year's covers for devices Xiaomi c AliExpress, from 121 rubles →
  • New Year's covers for Samsung smartphones from AliExpress, from 108 rubles →

8. Coffee spoon

A practical measuring spoon that can also be used as a clip for a bag, a perfect gift for the coffee lover. Tie a bow on it to create a festive mood.

What to buy

  • Metal coffee spoon with clip from AliExpress, 120 rubles →
  • Spoon for coffee with tempera from M-Simvol, 329 rubles →

9. Jewelry set

Jewelry for women doesn't have to be expensive. For a change, you can give your friend a cute pendant or a cute set of earrings.

What to buy

  • Set of earrings and pendant from AliExpress, 149 rubles →
  • Earrings in the form of bulbs from Aleska, 416 rubles →
  • Bracelet with a star from Glow Me Now, 675 rubles →
  • A set of pendant and earrings from Diva, 475 rubles →
  • Hoop earrings from Bradex, 399 rubles →

10. Hand cream

This useful gift will come in handy every day: it will moisturize the skin of your hands, relieve discomfort, and protect you from cold and wind.

What to buy

  • Hand cream with five flavors to choose from with AliExpress, 91 rubles →
  • Concentrated hand cream Intensiv + from Kamill, 109 rubles →
  • Farmstay collagen hand cream, 290 rubles →
  • Hand cream with banana extract from Farmstay, 232 rubles →

11. Wallet

This is a useful thing, but it is better to present it with the confidence that your friend really needs a new wallet. Perhaps he will fit as a spare.

What to buy

  • Wallet with compartments for bills, cards and coins from AliExpress, from 1 217 rubles →
  • Leather wallet for cards with zipper from Asos Design, 990 rubles →
  • Faux leather wallet from Mon Mua, 1,390 rubles →
  • Wallet with a print from Mango, 1 299 rubles →
  • Wallet made of textiles and artificial leather from DeFacto, 499 rubles →

12. Mug

Mugs or cups are often given when they cannot find something more specific to the interests and needs of a person. But a mug that can automatically mix drinks at the touch of a button will delight anyone. And just cute cups will surely please everyone.

What to buy

  • Automatic mug from AliExpress, from 593 rubles →
  • Mug Unicorn with a rainbow No. 1 with a lid and a spoon from Eureka, 572 rubles →
  • Mug Cat No. 1 with a lid and a spoon from Eureka, 650 rubles →
  • A mug in the shape of a leopard from Balvi, 1 190 rubles →

13. Pocket mirror

A useful gift for those who look after their appearance. It's even better if the mirror looks unusual or has built-in LED lighting.

What to buy

  • Illuminated pocket mirror with AliExpress, from 386 rubles →
  • Pocket mirror with 2x magnification, RUB 319 →
  • Pocket mirror with glitter from ilikegift, 345 rubles →
  • Pocket mirror with illumination and magnification from ABBA, 577 rubles →

14. Selfie lamp

Selfie lovers can benefit from an extra lamp, especially if the smartphone does not have a front-facing flash. For video calls from poorly lit places, such a thing is also suitable.

What to buy

  • Ring lamp for selfie with a tripod from AliExpress, from 1 153 rubles →
  • Light ring with a table stand for a smartphone from Raygood, 899 rubles →

15. Brooch

A brooch on your clothes will be a nice little addition to the festive atmosphere. Especially if it is made in New Year's style or in the form of mouth-watering fruits.

What to buy

  • Brooch in the form of a lemon slice from AliExpress, 220 rubles →
  • Brooch in the shape of an owl from Gilmeeva, 390 rubles →
  • Brooch in the shape of a flower from Fashion Stories, 1 490 rubles →
  • Brooch in the shape of an apple from Ice & High Collection, 1,407 rubles →

16. Box

You can put jewelry and any small items in a small box-suitcase.

What to buy

  • Jewelry box with three tiers from AliExpress, 1,448 rubles →
  • Jewelry box from Wess, 1,570 rubles →
  • Wooden jewelry box from Master Rio, 1,368 rubles →

17. Beard comb

A man with a voluminous beard needs a comb. Ideal in stainless steel and stencil brush for self-contouring.

What to buy

  • Stencil for a beard and mustache with a comb from Manecode, 439 rubles →
  • Wooden beard comb SB-Basic line from Schwerter GmbH, 690 rubles →
  • Comb in the form of a butterfly knife made of steel from Mfgame, 369 rubles →

18. Eyelash curler

A gift for lovers of noticeable eyelashes and expressive look. An inexpensive but useful device.

What to buy

  • Electric eyelash curler from AliExpress, 132 rubles →
  • Curling eyelashes from Zinger, 300 rubles →

19. Smartphone triggers

A useful thing for gamers who like mobile versions of PUBG or Fortnite.

What to buy

  • Triggers for a smartphone from Aliexpress, from 235 rubles →
  • Holder with triggers from GameSir with AliExpress, from 1 621 rubles →
  • Game controller for smartphones from AliExpress, 1 927 rubles →

20. Santa's hat

Buy a few hats and hand them out to cheer up your friends and maintain a festive atmosphere.

What to buy

  • Santa's hat from AliExpress, 293 rubles →
  • New Year's cap with a print in the form of snowflakes from Winter magic, 200 rubles →