27 really cool gifts for a friend for the New Year

27 really cool gifts for a friend for the New Year

What to give for the New Year to a friend who does not part with a smartphone

1. Cover

A cover with a New Year's print, a funny inscription or an unusual abstract pattern, any option will be a pleasant present for the New Year. If ordinary models seem boring, take a closer look at cases with compartments for bank cards, a battery or chains that allow you to carry your smartphone like a purse.

What to buy

  • Battery case for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 10,990 rubles →
  • Christmas cases for iPhone from AliExpress, from 63 rubles →

2. Popsocket

Popsocket will help you conveniently use your smartphone and will not let it fall out of your hands. And the accessory will also serve as a kind of stand. In short, the thing is incredibly practical.

What to buy

  • Round popsockets with imitation marble from AliExpress, 97 rubles →
  • Popsocket in the form of an avocado from ilikegift, 145 rubles →

3. Holder

As a gift, you can consider models for home use and accessories in the car. The former are most often equipped with an attachment to the edge of the table, the latter, with suction cups for fixing on the windshield or clips that are inserted into the deflector grille.

What to buy

  • Magnetic holder in a car from Baseus, 498 rubles →
  • Holder with attachment to the table top from AliExpress, 652 rubles →

What to give for the New Year to a friend who appreciates home comfort

1. Garland

This accessory can be used not only to decorate the house for the New Year: even on the most ordinary day, the garland will fill the room with soft light and add comfort.

What to buy

  • Garland with flashlights from Neon-Night, 255 rubles →
  • Garland with balloons from Neon-Night, 605 rubles →

2. Aroma lamp and oils

The aroma lamp will envelop the room with a pleasant aroma and help you to relax after a hard day. A great addition to the gift will be a set of oils with different scents so that your friend can immediately appreciate the gift.

What to buy

  • Aroma lamp on a metal stand with AliExpress, 1 153 rubles →
  • Concentrate for aroma lamp Sandal and bergamot from Millefiori Milano, 1 190 rubles →
  • An invigorating mixture of oils from Mild By Nature, 720 rubles →

3. Original figures

Cute figurines will take pride of place on a shelf or desktop and will diversify the interior quite well. And if you want to make a gift more functional, choose figures-stands for your smartphone, stationery or jewelry.

What to buy

  • Figurine in the form of an astronaut with a stand for a smartphone from AliExpress, from 920 rubles →
  • A set of three figurines-stands for wine, glasses and a corkscrew from AliExpress, 5 471 rubles →

4. Home costume

When choosing a gift, pay attention to the colors: it is better to choose something bright to add color to dull winter weekdays. And don't forget to check the size chart to make sure the suit fits perfectly.

What to buy

  • Yellow home suit from Agape, 2,390 rubles →
  • Home suit made of ribbed fabric from Asos Design, 2 890 rubles →
  • Home suit in a cage with AliExpress, from 1 209 rubles →

5. Multibaker

Thanks to interchangeable panels, one appliance replaces a waffle iron, grill, sandwich maker and many other devices. The multi-baker is convenient to store, easy to wash and pleasant to use, you can cook new interesting dishes with it even every day.

What to buy

  • Multi-baker with three replaceable panels in a set from Redmond, 4 490 rubles →
  • Multi-baker with four removable panels in a set from Redmond, 6 390 rubles →

What to give for the New Year to a friend who works a lot

1. Massage cape

The massage cover for the chair will help you to stretch out a little and relieve fatigue without interrupting your work. It can be used on both an office and a car seat. Some models of capes are also equipped with heating, which will be especially useful in winter.

What to buy

  • Heated massage cape from US Medica, 4 900 rubles →
  • Massage cape in a car with AliExpress, 1,075 rubles →

2. Hammock for legs

A hammock will help get rid of tiredness and swelling of the legs, a great gift for those who spend a lot of time sitting at the table.

What to buy

  • Hammock for feet with AliExpress, 758 rubles →

3. Mouse pad

A rug with an unusual print, a good idea for a New Year's gift for a friend. But a more advanced model with heating or a built-in wireless charging module may turn out to be much more useful.

What to buy

  • Mouse pad with wireless charging from AliExpress, 2 332 rubles →
  • Heated mouse pad from AliExpress, 1 259 rubles →

4. Laptop stand

The standard stand will improve the cooling of your notebook and enhance the typing experience. If that's not enough, consider USB ports, small change boxes, and more as a New Year's gift for your friend.

What to buy

  • Foldable laptop stand from UBR, 1,089 rubles →
  • Laptop stand with USB ports from Baseus, 4 290 rubles →

What to give for the New Year to a friend who loves modern gadgets

1. External hard drive

Store a lot of vacation photos, store your favorite movies and games, make backup copies of data, an external hard drive of impressive volume is perfect for all these purposes. And high read speed will ensure maximum performance.

What to buy

  • External SSD-drive 1 TB from Seagate, 13 399 rubles →
  • External hard drive with USB 3.0 5 TB from Seagate, 9 689 rubles →

2. Powerbank

A model in a simple design or with a cute print, a simple power bank or a gadget with built-in cables, it may be difficult to choose one. But such a useful gift will surely please your girlfriend and will definitely come in handy in the future.

What to buy

  • External battery Redmi Power Bank 20,000 mAh with two ports and fast charging from Xiaomi with AliExpress, 1,686 rubles →
  • External battery Ambilight QC 20,000 mAh with three ports and fast charging from Baseus, 2,990 rubles →

3. Instant camera

With the help of such a camera, it will be possible to quickly capture a bright moment of a party or an unusually beautiful sunset and immediately get a ready-made photo with which you can decorate a room or a laughbook.

What to buy

  • Instant camera Fujifilm Instax Mini7c from AliExpress, from 5 421 rubles →
  • Instant camera Canon Zoemini C Bumble Bee, 6 999 rubles →

What to give for the New Year to a friend who has pets

1. Lounger or house

The owner of the cat will surely appreciate the house for him, because fluffy pets love to hide in secluded places. It's great if the house is also equipped with a scratching post. Such a gift can be presented to the owners of small breeds of dogs. Well, if a friend has a large pet, then present a comfortable bed.

What to buy

  • House with a couch and a scratching post from Not Alone at Home, 3 650 rubles →
  • Large bed from Tappi, 1 273 rubles →

2. New Year's costume

A friend with a sense of humor will definitely not refuse to dress up her beloved pet in a Santa costume, a Christmas deer or a snowman. The main thing is to take a closer look at the animal and estimate the size so as not to be mistaken with the gift.

What to buy

  • Christmas tree costume from AliExpress, 436 rubles →
  • Santa costume from AliExpress, 442 rubles →

3. Furminator

Both the cat lady and the dog lady, regardless of the breed of the animal, cannot do without a special comb. Furminator helps to easily comb out excess hair and tidy up the pet's fur coat. And you don't have to go to the groomer.

What to buy

  • Furminator for cats and dogs of small breeds from FURminator, 300 rubles →
  • Furminator for animals with long hair from FURminator, 2 100 rubles →

4. Automatic drinker

A useful device will provide the animal with fresh water throughout the day, while the owner is not at home. Automatic drinkers come in different capacities, choose the appropriate one depending on the size of the animal.

What to buy

  • Automatic drinking bowl-fountain from Aliexpress, from 1,327 rubles →
  • Automatic drinker with AliExpress, 2 307 rubles →

What to give for the New Year to a friend who is happy to wear accessories

1. Earrings

As a gift for the New Year, winter-themed decorations, for example, earrings in the form of neat snowflakes, Christmas trees or snowmen, are suitable. And if you want your friend to be able to wear jewelry all year round, you should take a closer look at the accessories without being tied to any topic.

What to buy

  • Earrings in the form of snowflakes from Sokolov, 1,000 rubles →
  • Earrings with agates and malachites from Sokolov, 4,000 rubles →

2. Bracelet

Before buying a gift, pay attention to what jewelry your friend is wearing. It will be embarrassing to give a leather bracelet to a lover of products made of precious metals, or to present a delicate jewelry with stones to a girl who prefers massive accessories without additional decorative elements.

What to buy

  • A set of four bracelets from AliExpress, 207 rubles →
  • Leather bracelet from Saint Laurent, 16 256 rubles →

3. Scarf

Take a closer look at warm scarves made of cashmere, angora or with the addition of wool: such an accessory will definitely keep you warm even in the coldest weather. And if your friend is still cold, give her a scarf with additional heating, powered by a power bank.

What to buy

  • Woolen stole from Venera, 4 819 rubles →
  • Heated scarf with AliExpress, 488 rubles →

4. Warm mittens or gloves

You can donate gloves for working with touch screens so that she does not miss a call or freeze her hands on the street. And a friend who loves cute accessories will surely like mittens with animal faces or delicate patterns.

What to buy

  • Leather gloves for working with touch screens from Asos Design, 2 190 rubles →
  • Pink knitted mittens with faux fur from SVNX, 850 rubles →

What to give for the New Year to a friend who loves to take care of herself

1. Pore cleaner

This small device will help you take care of your skin and keep it clean and healthy at home. An excellent option for those who like to take care of themselves, but at the same time do not have enough time to visit a beautician.

What to buy

  • Pore ​​cleaner from AliExpress, 1 609 rubles →
  • Pore ​​cleaner from Ronomo, 1 490 rubles →

2. Massager

There are many models on the market designed for massage of different parts of the body: head, face, arms, buttocks, legs, back. As a gift, you can choose a device for a specific area, or not be limited to this and buy a universal massager.

What to buy

  • Massager with a cooling effect for the face from Kitsch, 1,390 rubles →
  • Universal massager from AliExpress, from 2,226 rubles →

3. Hair styling device

This can be a quality curling iron to create curls and waves, or an iron to straighten strands. And if you don't want to choose, give a multistyler. This device combines the functions of several devices for different types of styling.

What to buy

  • Multistyler with seven nozzles from Rowenta, 2 999 rubles →
  • A device for creating the effect of corrugation and waves from Rowenta, 4 499 rubles →

4. Hand cream

With hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerin, or nourishing oils, it is good if the cream for use in winter contains one of these ingredients. They nourish the skin of the hands and help to retain moisture.

What to buy

  • Hand cream with hyaluronic acid from CeraVe, 442 rubles →
  • Hand cream with macadamia oil and shea from Aravia Professional, 614 rubles →