30 life situations everyone loves

30 life situations everyone loves

We have already written about the daily pleasant little things that bring a lot of pleasure. This is another collection of goodies that make you appreciate life a little more.

1. Find money in the pocket of your winter coat or jeans that you haven't worn for a long time.

2. Remove the protective film from the new gadget.

3. Turn off the microwave a second before it beeps.

4. Find shapes that fit the objects perfectly.

5. Avoid annoying responsibilities when someone cancels plans in which you did not want to be involved.

6. Understand that the person who bought the ticket to the seat next to you will not come.

7. Feel that you have superpowers when you pick up the phone and at the same moment you receive a message or an incoming call.

8. Get at last a piece of food, which is stuck in the teeth and did not give rest.

9. Peel the tangerine in one go, without removing the pieces from the peel.

10. Stop the stopwatch at a second without milliseconds.

11. The first time open the book on the desired page.

12. Observe how, while washing dishes, water falls on the lid and a perfect water bubble is formed.

13. Realize after awakening that today is Saturday.

14. Feel relief when, after bathing, the water finally came out of the ear.

15. Go through security at the airport so that you are not chosen for random inspection.

16. Scoop out first from the newly opened jar.

17. Return home after a hard day and realize that no one has come yet. Be yourself.

18. Observe how the metal chain slowly descends into the palm of your hand.

19. Wake up in a panic at the thought that you are late and realize that you don't have to go anywhere.

20. It is sweet to stretch the next day after training and feel a pleasant pain in the muscles.

21. Get ready to wash a mountain of dishes and see that someone has already washed everything.

22. On the first warm days after winter, wear light clothes or even take off your jacket.

23. Write in a new and completely clean notebook, notebook or diary.

24. Get on the bus you want as soon as you come to the bus stop.

25. Trample the first ice on puddles.

26. Catch on the fly a thing that fell out of hand.

27. Drive to the end along the long ice path.

28. Get into the green traffic light strip.

29. Change into comfortable home clothes when you come home after a working day. Or just undress and wear shorts.

30. Put on a clean item that smells like powder or fabric softener, in general, clean.