How to clean a stretch ceiling to make it look like new

How to clean a stretch ceiling to make it look like new

What are stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are made of PVC film and fabric. The first ones are quite unpretentious, they can be washed without problems. The second ones are a little more difficult to clean, but still quite realistic. Here's how to handle this challenge.

How to clean a PVC stretch ceiling

What is needed

  • Dishwashing detergent (or soapy water, or special detergent for cleaning the ceiling);
  • mop;
  • water;
  • microfiber cloth;
  • stepladder or sturdy table;
  • for glossy ceilings, glass cleaner or 50 g of vodka.

What do we have to do

Mix a tablespoon of dish soap with 3 liters of water. If using a special ceiling cleaner, follow the instructions on the package.

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Soak a cloth in the solution and wring it out. First try any detergent on the side section of the ceiling: apply, leave for 10 minutes and rinse. If there are no marks and streaks left, then you can start washing the entire surface.

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Stand on a ladder or table and slowly sweep the mop along the ceiling along the wall. Drive in a straight line, circular motions may leave streaks. Do not press on the mop: it is very easy to damage the ceiling film by careless movement.

Gently wash the entire ceiling in a straight line, rinsing the rag from time to time.

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If your canvas is matte, this is the end of the job. If glossy, then there is one more step ahead. Take a glass cleaner or prepare an alcohol solution: 50 g of vodka in 0.5 liters of water.

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Dampen a rag and squeeze well. Scrub the ceiling with mortar to remove mop marks and add shine to the surface.

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How to clean fabric stretch ceilings

Due to the interlacing of the fibers, fabric ceilings are somewhat more difficult to maintain, and dry cleaning is better suited for them. But if the ceiling is very dirty and wet cleaning is indispensable, then it can also be done on your own.

How to dry clean a fabric ceiling

What is needed

  • Microfiber cloth;
  • brush with soft bristles;
  • a stepladder or sturdy table.

What do we have to do

Standing on a stepladder, walk with a soft cloth over the entire ceiling, shaking off dust from it with light short movements, without pressing. If small dirt or cobwebs have formed on the ceiling, clean them with a soft brush.

How to wet clean a fabric ceiling

What is needed

  • A fabric cleaner (usually sold as an aerosol or spray bottle)
  • microfiber cloth or other lint-free cloth;
  • soft brush.

What do we have to do

Read the instructions for your cleaning agent: nuances may vary during use. Apply the product to the ceiling fabric with a tissue or, if aerosol, spray it on the ceiling.

Leave it on for a few minutes for the product to take effect. Remove it with a soft brush or damp cloth. Do not wet the ceiling too much, otherwise it will take a long time to dry.

How to remove stains from a stretch ceiling

If the ceiling is stained only in one or two places, then you can not wash it entirely, but simply remove the stains. Better to hatch them right away while they are fresh.

How to remove a grease stain

Apply a dab of dish soap to a microfiber cloth and gently scrub the stain until it dissolves. Then remove the product with a clean, damp sponge and blot the area where you worked with a dry soft cloth or paper towel.

How to clean a leak stain

If yellow stains remain on the ceiling after being flooded by neighbors, try using a washing powder with a whitening effect. Dissolve a tablespoon of powder in a liter of warm water and wash the stain, then walk over the surface with a sponge dipped in clean water.

Hydrogen peroxide can also help. It is applied with a damp, well-wrung-out sponge on the ceiling and then washed with dirt.

Also, for PVC cloth, you can use ammonia in a soap solution in a 1: 1 ratio.

How to remove paint stain

Quickly, while the paint is still fresh, remove the stain with a dry cloth. If the paint is already dry, moisten it with a few drops of water and after 5-7 minutes try to erase the stain. If it does not dissolve with water, use a cotton swab to dot the stain with white spirit or other solvent, being careful not to touch the ceiling itself. Wipe off the diluted paint with another cotton swab or sponge.

How to remove a marker stain

An alcohol marker is wiped off with vodka or soapy water with the addition of alcohol. The water-based marker can be washed off with ordinary soapy water.

How to remove a ketchup stain

Wipe off any fresh stain with a damp sponge. Wash the remaining traces with dishwashing detergent and rinse with clean water. If the stain is old, apply soda ash diluted with water on it and leave for 10 minutes. Wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

What can not be washed stretch ceilings

The canvas from which the ceilings are made is easily damaged, so care must be taken when handling it. Remove rings or wear rubber gloves before cleaning. Stretch ceilings cannot be cleaned:

  • acetone, acid and other aggressive solvents;
  • too hot water;
  • abrasives and hard sponges.

What to do to wash stretch ceilings as rarely as possible

  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe dust and light dirt off the ceiling every few months.
  • Before installing the stretch ceiling, check the condition of the pipes: leakage stains are difficult to remove.
  • It is better not to smoke in the room, otherwise the ceiling will turn yellow.
  • If a cobweb has formed in the corner, do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean it, but a mop with a clean rag.
  • Once the ceiling is stained, wipe it straight away while the stain is fresh.
  • It is worth making a stretching cloth in the bathroom only if you have a good hood, otherwise it may become damp and stained.