I want to sell abroad! 6 countries for profitable trade

I want to sell abroad! 6 countries for profitable trade

1. China

China, one of the main buyers of Russia: the volume of exported goods is growing China / Russian Export Center every year. You can find your customers both on the Internet on marketplaces, and live, showing products at exhibitions. It is important to consider that China itself produces a huge amount of goods, plus it imports products from many countries. Therefore, you first need to analyze the demand and understand what the local population likes.

One of the options Rating of the prospects of countries for export / Russian Export Center, products of the agro-industrial complex (agro-industrial complex), in particular food, for example, confectionery, honey, ice cream. Both ready-made products and food raw materials are popular in China. And also some goods that are usually discarded in Russia or are not valued at all, including chicken legs. China bought chicken legs and heads in Crimea for a year ahead / Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Also, promising areas for trade with China can be sawn timber, copper, fertilizers, materials for construction and household chemicals.

2. Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan buys What and from whom Kazakhstan buys: top-10 most demanded foreign goods / Leader in Russia foodstuffs, cosmetics, tires and tires, clothes, cars, medicines, furniture and much more. Our country is considered the Top-10 main trade partners of Kazakhstan / Inbusiness.kz the main trade partner of Kazakhstan. Therefore, it will not be difficult to enter the market and find your buyer.

In addition, Kazakhstan is a member of the EAEU customs union, so it will be possible to export faster and cheaper than to other countries. Transportation of most goods within the Union is not subject to customs duties, and to be processed How is customs declaration carried out when exporting to the EAEU member states? / The Russian Export Center does not need a customs declaration. After the export of goods, it will be necessary to fill in and submit to the customs authority only the statistical registration form. However, some goods must pass sanitary, veterinary and other types of control, these rules always apply.

3. Belarus

Belarus is also a member of the EAEU customs union, so the terms of delivery of goods there are the same as in Kazakhstan. Another similarity of these countries is that Russia is their main trading partner: 50% of all products exported to Belarus come from Russia.

Heavy industry forms the basis of exports. But in the country, goods of other categories are also in demand, in particular, chemical products, furniture, agricultural products. For example, in 2020, the export of frozen fish, animal feed and, oddly enough, cooked potatoes grew. The increase in supplies by as much as 45% was also observed for polyethylene.

But Belarusian manufacturers are doing a good job with budgetary decorative and care cosmetics. Belarusian cosmetics are no longer a phenomenon / Busel on their own, so you need to choose this direction for export, realizing all the risks. However, there is still a chance of success. The export of Russian cosmetics has grown by almost 50% / RBC: you can bet on unique formulas or components that are not available in the country itself.

4. Uzbekistan

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Now Uzbekistan ranks Export to Uzbekistan / Russian Export Center 12th in the non-resource non-energy exports of Russia. But he has a chance to rise higher. The main category of imported goods that are in demand in Uzbekistan is mechanical equipment, lumber, agricultural products and metallurgy. Also, here you can successfully sell specialized equipment, for example, medical equipment, as well as services such as software development or factoring (a type of unsecured loan, financial intermediation between the seller and the buyer, allowing the company to avoid material difficulties with deferred payments).

Uzbekistan is not a member of the EAEU union, but it is included in the CIS free trade zone. Therefore, there are no customs duties Article 2. Application of customs duties and payments equivalent to customs duties / Agreement on a free trade zone and similar fees for the export of goods, too, but you will have to draw up a declaration.

5. USA

USA, the world leader Leading import countries worldwide in 2020 / Statista in terms of imports. The States also import a lot of goods from Russia: now the country is the USA / Russian Export Center in seventh place in the ranking of non-resource non-energy exports. The basis of sales is made up of metals, fertilizers and timber products.

But you can also enter the American market with goods of other categories. For example, with clothes, accessories, decorative items of original design, souvenirs or natural cosmetics. In this case, you need to remember that there are many sellers in the US market, so it is important to take care of the uniqueness of the product and the correct marketing strategy. In addition to special components or design solutions, the advantage of goods from Russia will be a favorable ruble exchange rate and a pleasant price for American buyers.

6. Germany

The third in the world and the largest importer of goods in Europe. In the ranking of Russian exports, Germany / Russian Export Center ranks third, and in the top non-resource non-energy exports, ninth. Germany buys raw materials, semi-finished products, car parts and equipment abroad.

Russian small and medium-sized businesses in Germany can also promote their products. Here again, it is important that they are of high quality and not be abundant in the local market. You can display them in your own online store or on marketplaces, for example, Amazon, Etsy or Wildberries.

Food is also a good option for export to Germany: the country has a large Russian diaspora. They may be interested in drinks and food familiar from childhood that are not so easy to find in Europe, pickles, sour cream, kvass. For the export of food to Germany, you need to hold the European Union. Documents in the field of veterinary medicine / Rosselkhoznadzor a number of product studies and the most careful approach to the collection and filling of documents.