Japanese Scientists Develop Anti-Aging Vaccine

Japanese Scientists Develop Anti-Aging Vaccine

A Japanese research group said it is developing an anti-aging vaccine. It allows you to get rid of the so-called zombie cells that accumulate with age and damage neighboring cells. The Japan Times writes about it.

Scientists, led by Juntendo University professor Toru Minamino, have identified a protein found in senescent cells in humans and mice. On its basis, a peptide vaccine was created that activates the human immune system and forces it to attack cells that have stopped dividing.

Tests showed that the drug triggered the production of antibodies in the body of the mice, which through white blood cells attacked the aging cells in their body. The average lifespan of laboratory rodents taking the drug increased by 15% compared with the control group, and in individuals suffering from arterial stiffness, a significant reduction in the damaged areas of the blood vessels was observed.

It is not yet known if the drug will be approved for human clinical trials. Even if this happens, it will take at least several years to wait for the results.

Nevertheless, the discovery looks very promising. After all, cellular aging is correlated with many diseases of old age, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and cancer. The new vaccine could help make significant progress in their treatment.