What to give a girl for the New Year

What to give a girl for the New Year


Surely many girls dream of a huge palette with eyeshadow and lipstick or a set of brushes. But those who like to experiment with the image or dream of a career as a makeup artist will be especially delighted with such a gift.

What to buy

  • Palette eyeshadow NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette, 1 799 rubles →
  • Palette for contouring NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, 2,090 rubles →
  • Matte liquid lipstick-cream NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, 750 rubles →
  • A set of makeup brushes from Ecotools, 1 699 rubles →


Here you need to act as carefully as possible. Girls who are faithful to one or two favorite fragrances can safely give their favorite perfume. Those who like to experiment can be presented with something new based on their tastes.

Another option is to present a collection of mini-perfumes with which the girl will discover many new scents.

What to buy

  • Eau de parfum Givenchy Irresistible Eau De Parfum, from 3 488 rubles →
  • Eau de toilette L'eau Kenzo Pour Femme, from 2 404 rubles →
  • Eau de Parfum Chanel No. 5, from 6 400 rubles →
  • Gift perfume set from Jusbox, 4 240 rubles →

Hair Styling Devices

Famous motto: Straight hair curl, curly, straighten! Some follow it exclusively on holidays, others every morning. Fortunately, now there is a sea of ​​devices that make styling easier and save a lot of time: combs for straightening hair, stylers for curling bouncy curls or for creating light waves. It remains only to choose what of this the recipient of the gift needs.

What to buy

  • Hair dryer Philips HP8663 / 00, 2 899 rubles →
  • Multistyler Rowenta Fashion Stylist CF4510F0, 2,499 rubles →
  • Electric tongs Remington Keratin Protect Curling Wand CI83V6, 3 899 rubles →

Body care kits

There are never too many jars of aromatic creams, scrubs and body oils. The girls will find each of them an application and a place in the bathroom. Take any quality sets, here you risk nothing. Just make sure that the recipient of the gift is not allergic to the components of the funds.

What to buy

  • Set of Splashes of champagne from L'Occitane, 2 360 rubles →
  • Gift set of body oils from The Body Shop, 1 990 rubles →
  • Gift set for body care from SeaCare, 2,427 rubles →
  • Gift set from Dolce Milk, 899 rubles →

Devices for manicure

And it's not about scissors and tweezers. There are things that are much more advanced and desired by many girls: a machine for a hardware manicure or a UV lamp for drying gel polish.

What to buy

  • Lamp for drying gel varnishes TNL UV / LED Easy Pro 2, 1 869 rubles →
  • Lamp for drying gel-varnishes Sun UV / LED SunOne 48W, 1 800 rubles →
  • Manicure set Scarlett SC-MS95002, 1 750 rubles →
  • Set for manicure and pedicure Beurer MP64, 6 990 rubles →

Cozy clothes

A carefully chosen sweatshirt or scarf, the gift is not boring at all, but very touching. Want to enhance the effect? Give paired sweaters in the same style or with the same patterns. And by the way, it is not at all necessary to choose New Year's motives if deer and snowflakes are not cute to you.

What to buy

  • Hoodie chocolate color with an inscription from Zarina, 2,038 rubles →
  • Oversized ribbed sweater from oodji, 1 899 rubles →
  • Paired hoodies from Collusion Unisex, 1,390 rubles →
  • Scarf with hand pockets from Topshop, 2,290 rubles →

Kigurumi pajamas

So soft and bright that you will want to spend the rest of the winter in it.

What to buy

  • Kigurumi panda from Olmi, 2,450 rubles →
  • Kigurumi-unicorn from Nothing but Love, 2,490 rubles →
  • Kigurumi bright yellow from Olmi, 2,450 rubles →
  • Fleece kigurumi from Loungeable, 2 190 rubles →


Diffuser, a cool gift for girls who love subtle pleasant aromas at home. And also for those who like to control everything. With diffusers, you can adjust the intensity of the scent: insert one stick and catch the barely perceptible aroma notes, or add a few more and intensify it.

What to buy

  • Diffuser Dolce Vita from Areon, 1,799 rubles →
  • Diffuser Cherry Orchard from Aroma republic, 659 rubles →
  • Diffuser Forest Berries from Wax Lyrical, 2,490 rubles →

Delicious tea and mug

If a girl starts her day exclusively with a cup of peach oolong, knows the difference between fermented and unfermented tea, and spends half of her salary on this drink, do not hesitate: a package of delicious tea will definitely delight her.

Just be more careful when choosing a drink. If you don't know much about yourself, ask your friends for advice on a type of tea or a cool store where an expert consultant works. Complement the gift with a cute, uplifting mug.

What to buy

  • A set of tea in a box from Rodnoye, 1 850 rubles →
  • A set of herbal tea from Celestial Seasonings, 299 rubles →
  • A mug with ducks from Happiness in small things, 799 rubles →
  • Mug with a cat from Make a Miracle, 522 rubles →


A winning, but very dangerous option. If you guess correctly, the gift will be accepted with delight. If not, after a polite smile, he will go to the far corner of the box. Take a closer look at what kind of jewelry the girl prefers? Massive or almost invisible? Silver, gold or costume jewelry? Does she like classic shapes or original ones?

By the way, where does the girl keep the jewelry? If it's a simple box or something like that, you can donate a beautiful roomy box.

What to buy

  • Gold ring with diamonds from Lines of Love, 8 090 rubles →
  • Gold earrings with stars from Lines of Love, 9 090 rubles →
  • Genuine leather bracelet from Vitacci, 950 rubles →
  • Hoop earrings with natural pearls from Exclaim, 4 039 rubles →
  • Wooden box with a mirror from Moretto, 4 750 rubles →

Aroma candles

Such a gift is both good for its versatility and difficult to choose a scent. Therefore, remember the details: perhaps your friend is enjoying the smell of fresh coffee, or she cannot just walk past a flower bed. A well-chosen scented candle will fill your home with a pleasant scent and create a cozy atmosphere.

By the way, for the winter holidays, many brands release special Christmas collections in beautiful gift wrapping.

What to buy

  • Candle with cappuccino aroma from Hoff, 249 rubles →
  • Candle in a glass Magic water lily from Spaas, 1,499 rubles →
  • Candle Moments of serenity from L'Occitane, 2,400 rubles →
  • New Year's candle in a bank from Village Candle, 1,290 rubles →

Creator's Kit

Everything related to the girl's creative hobby: anti-stress coloring pages, sets of pencils and felt-tip pens, paintings for drawing by numbers, cool sketchbooks, embroidery kits, a sewing machine, finally.

There is a great risk that, having unpacked the gift, the recipient will immediately go to create and you will not see her until the end of the New Year holidays. But she will surely be pleased.

What to buy

  • Papier-mâché figurine for coloring, 815 rubles →
  • Coloring page Discworld from Eksmo, 650 rubles →
  • Garland with clothespins for a photo, 419 rubles →
  • A set of pencils in a metal box Faber-Castell, 24 colors, 1 619 rubles →
  • Paint by number Lisa from MAZARI, 1 668 rubles →

Little things

New Year's socks, a cosmetic bag, a sleep mask, cute little things that will always come in handy.

What to buy

  • Woolen socks with patterns from Just Beauty, 356 rubles →
  • A set of four pairs of socks with New Year's prints from Kaftan, 1,499 rubles →
  • Quilted cosmetic bag with print from La Redoute, 1,574 rubles →
  • Sleep mask Black cat with a mustache, 255 rubles →